Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Waiting, Planning, Preparing

It is CD23 and I am waiting. AF is expected to arrive in about 7 days. Then I will call to schedule my CD3 ultrasound & b/w. After that I will have another appointment the following week to discuss the game plan and then I should have the IUI #1 in mid to late January. It feels like we are moving at a snails pace, but I guess that is good. It helps to not feel so overwhelmed, but my patience is wearing thin.

DH and I have been discussing adoption and other options, just because I really like to have a backup plan. Not that I am going into the IUI(s) preparing for failure, but it helps to know we will have a baby somehow. I just don't know if I could or would want to go through IVF if needed. I reserve the right to change my mind, and I very well could, but right now I feel like if IUI is not our answer, we might seriously consider adoption.

We have been TTC for 3+ years, and in this time I have not purchased a single item for our future baby. For some reason yesterday I started thinking that I might start buying small things here and there. I guess it kind of reinforces the idea that we are sure we are going to have a baby somehow, someway. And I always like to be prepared and to be "doing something". So what if I have a room full of diapers and no baby for awhile, right?

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  1. I agree that it makes moving into ART so much easier to make peace with adoption as an option. Then, although there is a lot at stake, it does not feel like everything is at stake.

    It's okay to buy. Maybe start a little box of stuff for baby?