Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it Too Much to Ask for?

I am about to go out with a friend and a family member who is pregnant and I am dreading it. I saw this family member last night and all she did was complain about not being able to drink and how tired she was and how she can't wait until this "thing" is born. She was trying to plan all these trips and things to do after the baby was born like she couldn't wait. She is only 15 weeks!

My feelings are hurt because she knows all of our TTC struggles and IF plan and there is zero consideration of my feelings.

I am torn because this is a major thing in her life and she should be able to talk about it as she wants, but I also feel that some consideration would be nice. Some acknowledgement that it might be hard for me to be around her since all she does is complain and/or talk about her pregnancy/baby.

I normally would not go out of my way to make plans with her since it bothers me to be around her, but she pretty much invited herself for today's outing.

Ugh. She just doesn't get it. Part of me wants to address this with her, but a big part of me would feel selfish asking her to tone down the preggo talk. I just had to vent on here. Is it too much to ask for for her to have some considering of my feelings?

These are the times I feel so alone in this... like no one IRL understands AT ALL. It hurts so much to see her have something she is taking for granted that I am trying so hard to achieve and would cherish so much.

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