Sunday, December 12, 2010

Another Hurdle Crossed

Yesterday I received the results from my CD3 ultrasound/labs. The nurse actually called while I was out shopping. So I found a quiet corner at REI and squatted down with my notebook to write down the numbers she gave me. I must of looked pretty crazy but I didn't care. I had been waiting for that call and I wasn't going to miss the details!

-15 antral follicles 
-Lining = 3.9
-Estraidol = 25
-FSH = 7.7

The nurse said that all results were within normal range. I started to google when I got home, but stopped. I need to just be content with the words "within normal range". Anything I find will probably just make me pessimistic. On Tuesday I take an injectables class and then meet for a followup with my Dr. to discuss the game plan. I am not sure why they went ahead and scheduled me for an injectables class (even before this CD3 testing)...? Maybe because of the trigger shot?

I guess I will find out soon enough. Today I feel hopeful and excited and I will enjoy that while it lasts. I seem to hold my breath and prepare for the worst when getting any kind of results lately, but from what I was told the results didn't show anything bad. So for now I remain optimistic.

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  1. All of your numbers look great! You're on your way.