Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Welcome December IComLeavWe & Genetics

Welcome to any new readers. Here are the Cliff's Notes of our journey up until this point:

Both in late 20s, been TTC for 3+ years. Issue is probably related to cervical mucus. All tests look good so far and we are set to start our first IUI in mid Jan.

Both my Orvedel and Menapor should be arriving today and I am also picking up my Clomid and Progesterone today. Even though I am only on CD13 and won't be starting until next cycle, I wanted to go ahead and get everything so I am not rushing around.

Yesterday, my husband I a met with a genetic counselor. For new readers, I was diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis a couple of years ago. I have a mild case, hence being diagnosed as an adult. Anyway, when I was first diagnosed with CF my husband had a genetic test done to see if he carried the gene (it is a genetic disease) which came back negative. To make a complex story short, both parents must carry the gene in order for a child to receive it. I became paranoid about the test he received and wondered if it was extensive enough.

So back to the point, we met with a genetic counselor yesterday to go over the statistics and chances our child could have CF based on the testing my husband received. The appointment was very reassuring. She informed us that our children have a .25% chance of having CF. 1/4th of a percent. A 99.75% chance of NOT having CF. I asked her what the chances were of other birth defects (that the general population has) just to compare and she said at my age the chance of having a baby with heart defects is 1%. That is .75% higher than the chances he/she will have CF, and that percentage doesn't stop almost anyone from procreating.

We knew the chances our baby would have CF would be next to none, but I am such a worrier and wanted to be sure so that I won't worry during a pregnancy. I have read another blog about someone with CF and IF and there were some nasty and hurtful comments left about people's opinions on whether or not she should be "able" to have children. I ask that you please not do that here. I wasn't going to post anything about this because I do not want those same comments. Not that I need to justify my choices, but I will for a second. I am in great health, I have a mild case of CF, and there is a 99.75% chance that we will not have a child with CF.

I chose to post because it is a part of journey and something unique to our situation. All of our journey's are unique and we all have different things we worry about. I want to be able to be open and honest here and CF is apart of that. Maybe I am paranoid about judgment because I am still worried about how people perceive me because of this disease. What most people know about CF is the terrible, devastating side to the disease, and I am so fortunate that that is not me. If you would like to know more about CF or my case specifically I would be glad to share. You can email me at tothosewhowait7@gmail.com


  1. I think posting about your situation is the best thing to do. I can only speak for myself, but I like to believe people will remain judgment free when commenting. I know it's not a perfect world, and that may not happen, but here's to hoping.

    Best of luck to you, and happy ICLW! :)

  2. I think it's great that you're so open and honest. Good luck in your journey. Here from ICLW.

  3. Good luck with your upcoming IUI cycle - I really hope that it will work for you!

  4. You will get people who have opinions on your situation and IMO opinions are fine, as long as they aren't judging you at the same time. No one has any right to judge anyone else, none of us are perfect!

    I hope your upcoming IUI is a success!!

    ~Happy ICLW~
    #14 http://themissruby.blogspot.com/

    ~May your Christmas be filled with Peace~
    ~And your New Year with Hope~

  5. Your appointment sounds like it went really well - that's great! Sending you good wishes for January's IUI!

  6. thank you for being so open and honest!!

    I am so glad the doctors were able to put your mind at ease.

    I am also a planner, I use to pre-make meals before my IVF treatments so I knew exactly what I was going to eat for the 2 week wait!!

    Good luck with your next IUI

    Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

  7. stopping by from ICLW (#100). glad the genetic counesling gives you hope. hope that your next cycle is the one! happy holidays.

  8. Praying for your very first IUI. We haven't done one (yet) but we may one day. And so glad to hear when you do conceive that a bio baby is almost guaranteed not to have CF!
    - iclw #91

  9. I got those comments when my husband and I tried for our first together (I had my older two children with my previous husband of 10 years, who which I suffered 5+ years of secondary infertility and a few more after my Noah was born)... regardless... Noah was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder, I was told it was a "freak of nature" that it happened. But that didn't stop people from thinking or commenting that we shouldn't have anymore children because of it. My ex husband and I were assured it was nothing we could have done. I went through a scary pregnancy with Noah, where I was told he wouldn't survive. My whole thought process on it, was, this was the baby that I fought 5 years to even have and the genetic doc was telling me to give up, to terminate ... and I told him that I would take whatever time I had with my child and love him, and I did. He beat all the odds and he is going to be 9 in 2 months! But then my husband's and my first baby together had medical issues and I went through a hard time. Felt like it had to be me, how could I have two babies, both preemies w/ low birth weight ... both with medical issues, a lot alike but very different... and I got bashed for that. And OOOOOOOOOOH BOY did I get bashed when we decided to try "one more time" .... but look at him, he turned out healthy :)

    I said all that - to say this - I have found, as a mother who fought the fight to get her children, suffered 14 miscarriages along the way, took fertility drugs and drugs to help her STAY pregnant... who is a IF Success Story... that sometimes, it's the special children who touch your heart and your soul the most. The love and light they spread to everyone they know, is amazing.

    Anyway - I hope that everyone respects your wishes on not leaving hateful comments on your choice, and I can honestly say I understand (even though according to what we were told, I got hit by lightning TWICE because it was just oddities in their cell splitting ... I guess) ...

    Anyway - GOOD LUCK with your road ahead! I hope that baby will be on it's way in a few short weeks!

    Happy ICLW from #37 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

  10. Hi, stopping by for ICLW. Best of luck to you on your IUI next month!! Merry Christmas! ICLW #69

  11. I hope this next year brings you so much joy (and a precious new addition to your family). I'm very glad you received such great news from the genetic counselor. Hope you had a great Christmas! Lots of love from ICLW #110!