Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Plan in Place

I just got home from my injectables class and follow up appointment with my RE, and I am excited! She gave us the option of a clomid IUI or a clomid + minimal stimulation IUI. We are choosing the later, more aggressive route, which will be:

Day 3-7: Clomid, 100mg
Day 9: Menapur 75 units
Day 13ish: Trigger: Ovidrel 250 micrograms
36 hrs later: IUI
After IUI: Progesterone

They do not pre schedule betas at this clinic but want you take a HPT 14 days after IUI and then come in that day or the next to have the b/w.

I feel very excited right now. For one, just simply having a concrete plan that includes increasing our chances is enough to have me jumping for joy. I felt like we were stuck for so long in one place, and now I feel like we are unstuck. I will worry about what if it doesn't work later because it is inevitable that my mind will go there the closer we get. But for now, I am happy and excited and really imagining having a baby and that feels good. There was a long time we stopped dreaming about it...

I am on CD7 now so we have about 3 more weeks until the "action" cycle starts. Thank goodness for the Holidays to help the time pass by.


  1. Don't you love having a plan? And a dream again :)

  2. new follower here. i went into 3 cycles of Clomiphene citrate myself. i ovulated, fallopian tubes are open. nothing happened. i'd probably try more options then. baby dust to us!

  3. Hello!! I'm new to your blog as well. I have done three rounds of clomid with no luck and am set to do my fist IUI right after Christmas. Were just doing the clomid + HCG Trigger shot this round. I can't wait to hear how it goes!!


  4. Good luck! Looking forward to following your journey. Happy ICLW!

  5. Only one day of Menopur? Wow, you're even more min-stim that me! Though I guess I have PCOS and generally ovulate really late, so maybe that's why the difference. I can't believe you were blessed with triplets out of a min-stim cycle. :)