Monday, November 29, 2010

Is Honesty the Best Policy with IF in the Workplace?

Thank you for the couple of people who let me know there was an issue with the commenting function on my posts. Hopefully that is fixed now that I have changed the design. Also, thank you for the comments and for following! :) Thanksgiving was great, but now that it is Monday I am back to business and focusing on moving forward with fertility stuff.

My latest stressor has been trying to think of how I will handle missing work for RE appointments for our upcoming IUI adventure(s). A little background info: I work in an administrative position at a college and I have only been working here for 9 months. I do not have a personal relationship with either of my bosses and conversation it is mostly business with occasional small talk. I already miss work more than the average person because I have CF doctors appointments which take a couple of hours, and I usually end up taking a half day and sometimes a whole day just to not feel like I am rushing around.

When I have these appointments I just tell my bosses they are "doctors" appointments or I lie and say I am going to the dentist. I start work at 7:30 so even if my RE appointments are early, it is inevitable that I will have to miss some work. Not to mention the injectables class I have at 1:30pm on a work day in a couple of weeks. I just don't know what to tell my bosses.

It isn't that my job is so very important that me missing occasionally causes any issues. In fact, I am a very fast worker and often have nothing to do because I have already done it. But I don't want to be viewed as someone who doesn't care about there job or who takes it for granted.

Telling the truth has its negatives. 1) It opens up the relationship to a very personal one and I don't know how I feel about that. 2) It tells them that I will (hopefully) soon be on maternity leave or leaving the job (more likely) and the reason the last person in my position left was because she was pregnant. She went on maternity leave and then told them she wasn't coming back. They made it a point to tell me this upon hiring me. 3) People at work (at least my bosses) will know that I might be pregnant and I wouldn''t like them knowing that I could be, or wondering if I am until I am ready for them to know.

I really don't know what to do and I am stressing out about it. Any advice is appreciated. What have you told your bosses?

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  1. I would say do not tell your boss. None of their business, let them think whatever they want. I have started to just say I have an appointment and do not qualify it by saying with who. This process is invasive enough. You don't want strangers knowing your business.