Friday, February 25, 2011

Quick Updates on 7w3d

-About the only things I can eat these days consists of white carbs and cheese, and sometimes fruit.

-Things I find repulsive: Meat, seafood, most vegetables, most salad dressings, sweets (weird), and just about everything else other what I listed above.

-I am obsessed with lemonade right now. I even prefer it over water.

-Tiredness is starting to kick in

-I have only thrown up once

-To say I am distracted at work is an understatement

-I am still enjoying my teacher education courses, but my motivation is tapering off--when would I even finish this degree!?

-I keep wondering "why me" but NOT in a bad way.

-There are moments of overwhelm about triplets for sure, but then I say one day at a time, and all that matters is that they keep growing and are healthy--the rest will all work out...right!? RIGHT!?!?!

-The idea of long-term bed rest makes me feel a little anxious, but again, whatever is best for these babies

-The support from our families has been overwhelming! I shouldn't be surprised though, they always pull through, and we are so grateful for that.

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  1. Oh that diet sounds so familiar. It is so hard because I know multiples need so much nutrition but I just can't do it!