Monday, January 17, 2011

IUI #1 (and only, hopefully)

Well today was the big day! It was filled with excitement, nervousness, and a lot of waiting.

We had to arrive at the clinic at 8:30am so DH could give his contributions. My IUI was scheduled for 10am so we went down to the cafe and had some breakfast in between. We weren't called back until about 10:30ish, and then waited in the exam room another 15-20 before the procedure. All the waiting felt like forever! We were just ready to go through with it!

The Dr. said that DH's sperm count was "excellent" at 23mil post-wash. Instead of manically googling to find out if those numbers are good I will just take his word for it. He told me that if we have to do another round (which we really, really hope not) we won't change the medication protocol at all because he said that I responded exactly how I needed to. That makes me feel good about our chances for this one.

I felt crampy all morning, even before the procedure, and after it was/is a little worse. The procedure itself was uncomfortable, but mostly just quick and painless. I just squeezed DH's hand when the catheter went in and didn't stop squeezing until it was out. Then I laid on the table for about 15 minutes.

Going into this I was upset by the fact that if we conceive through IUI it would be impersonal and that there wouldn't be love or closeness involved. But I was wrong. Whether we conceived a baby or not I felt even closer to my husband because of what we have gone/are going through. While he held my hand and was just as nervous and excited as I was, we were in it together 100%. I won't forget that. It even brings a tear to my eye to think about it.

I was instructed to begin Progesterone suppositories on Wednesday (3xs a day) and to take a HPT in 2 weeks. If it is a BFP I will go in that day for b/w and then again a day or so after that for another round of b/w to make sure all is progressing. If the HPT is negative, I am to stop taking the Progesterone and call when AF arrives to schedule CD3 ultrasound and b/w to start all over again.

I am hoping with all my heart that this is it for us. I could be very naive to think this will work on the first go around, but today I want to just believe that it can and will. Tomorrow, or even in 5 minutes, I might change my mind, but that is where I am right now. Please, please, please, let this be it for us!

My goals for this 2WW are to try to stay busy, to stay positive, and to not obsess about symptoms--especially since the side effects of Progesterone are a lot like pregnancy symptoms. It is also my goal not to test until exactly 2 weeks from now...I am not as confident about this one.

Thank you for all the good vibes and for just being here so that I don't feel so alone in this crazy journey.


  1. I'm glad it went well and I'll pray this is your only one. I remember when we did our IUI while we were in the room waiting on the doctor I said how this was just never how I imagined us making a baby... in this plain doctors office. But your right, we were closer than ever and it was so nice having him there for support. I made him take a few pictures so if it did work we'd have them to look back on.

  2. Hooray! Welcome to the TWW. I'm sorry you have to take progesterone suppositories, too. I'm doing 2x day and it's making me crazy. CRAZY.

    I hope this is your cycle!!!

  3. that is a great number for post-wash!! i hope this cycle is it for you and that the 2ww isn't too long. good luck!!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed! Good luck.


  5. Good luck! I hope this is the one and only IUI you'll have!