Thursday, June 16, 2011

Poked & Proded

I am not sure what I was thinking when I scheduled 3 doctors appointments within 24 hours (Tues/Wed) but I did it and here are the updates:

Perinatologist (MFM): Cervix looked good, babies looked good. She put me back on the monitor which showed mild uterine irritability (but looked better than last week). The plan: take things week by week, and continue another 48 hours of the anti-inflammatory meds.

CF Clinic: Went well for the most part. My pulmonary health seems to only be impaired very midling and I am so happy to see that things did not get worse even though the babies and my belly are much bigger. The doc asked me if I was exercising. Really!? Ummmm I am pretty much on bedrest lady. It was exercise to get to this appointment.

OB: Blood pressure was good, weight good, babies looked good, cervix good. As of yesterday (23w1d) I am measuring 39 weeks in a singleton pregnancy. The doc said I can anticipate some back and forth with admits to the hospital before these babies are born and possibly being on bedrest in the hospital later on until they are born. He also mentioned that next week (at 24 weeks) I might receive a steroid shot to help develop the babies' lungs in the event that they are born very early. I took my Gestational Diabetes test yesterday and will get a call today or tomorrow if they were bad.

Since we are getting so close the "critical period" of 24-28 weeks I have noticed that fears are trying to creep in. I just want these girls to be born healthy so bad. But for the most part I am keeping fears at bay and staying positive. Here is what my life consists of lately: Netflix, FarmVille, Couponing, Reading, Eating, Sleeping, and Sitting in the girls' room looking at everything and imagining them here.

Today I am stopping by work (quickly) to fill out my termination paperwork, return files, and say goodbyes. I am ready to have a clean break from work and to not worry about checking in or filling out any paperwork with them although it will be sad to say goodbye. They have been so supportive and even sent me flowers while I was in the hospital. But it is time to prepare for my and toughest job to date: mom to triplets!


  1. Very glad to read that everything is going as well as can be expected. Continued best wishes for your health, and that of the babies.

    Visiting from ICLW!

  2. Hello from ICLWland! Wishing you the very best of luck!

  3. Wow, 3 appointments in 24 hours is a lot even in a singleton pregnancy. I understand about fears creeping in. My last pregnancy wasn't nearly as high risk as yours and I was still on pins and needles. Good luck and I hope everything goes perfectly.

    ICLW #10

  4. Glad to hear that things are doing okay and that you are hanging in there!!!

    While I know it is hard, try not to focus on the fears, they will only stress you out and cause more stress for your girlies!!!

    Best of luck from your newest follower!!!

    ICLW #96