Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I have been doing a bad job at keeping up with this blog. I realized it is because I have not been sure of the direction I want it to take. So after a lot of thinking, I have decided to end this blog and the IF chapter of my life. I know that it will always be a part of me and I will never forget all that we went through, but I just feel it is time. I have another blog that I talk more about life with CF and pregnancy, and would be glad to have any of you that want to follow along on there. Just send me an email ( and I will give you the link.

I appreciate the support I have recieved from the IF community more than I can express. I will continue to follow the journeys of those who have opened their lives to me and I will always be thinking of you and hoping for you.


  1. Hello from ICLW. Congratulations on your pregnancy. Best wishes in your new journey.

  2. Triplets from your first IUI, amazing! I have had 4 failed IUI's in a year and a half, but I am trying to keep faith that 1 will eventually work. I read that yours are girls! Congrats! they'll be the best of friends and you'll have so much fun! My daughter is awesome and almost 4, she wants/needs a playmate so least yours will never have that problem. :)

  3. Congratulations on your triplets pregnancy.

    Your belly pics are so cute.

    Wishing you the very best!

    iclw #36

  4. Congrats to you! I have a blogger friend who just found out she's having triplets.

    Good luck to you on your journey!

    Happy ICLW!

  5. congratulations on your pregnancy. I hope someday you will post occasional updates on this blog.i love reading the success stories

    here via ICLW

  6. stopping from ICLW

    wow, triplets! congratulations and all the best!

  7. Congrat's on your triplets. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is long and uneventful!